"If you haven't had the experience of a "Harper Tasche Weekend," you're missing out! He is truly a remarkable teacher and performer. I'm so glad that I contacted him, and wanted to let others know that it is possible to bring workshops and lessons to your own area. All you have to do is ask."
- Online Harp Digest, Bonnie Pulliam

Learning with Harper Tasche is always enjoyable, and packed with solid information, whether in a one-on-one lesson or in a group setting.

Harper's very accessible personality, his thorough knowledge of music (theory, composition, arranging, improvisation, techniques, and performance skills), and his sensitivity to students with special needs, make him a music coach who can help you achieve your absolute best.

Harper is, as one group participant said, "A wealth of information on two legs!"

For details about having Harper Tasche perform and teach for your group, click here.

Harper's current multi-level workshop offerings include:

  • Performing in Public: Everything Except Anxiety
  • Making the Most of Your Small Harp
  • Performance Coaching in a Group
  • Music Theory and Modes for Harp Players
  • Arranging for Fun with Ensembles
  • We Tune Because We Care (What Your Tuner Doesn't Tell You)
  • Left Hand Workout (A Right-Brain Workout!)
  • Creativity On Demand (Improvisation for Fun and Profit)
  • Inner Harp Performance: The Psychology of Music-Making
  • Cross-Strung Harp 101
  • Scandinavian Tunes for Harp Players
  • Blood From A Turnip: Revitalizing Tired Arrangements
  • Working With Special-Needs Harp Students
  • How To Produce Your Own CD or Music Book