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Harper Tasche holds a unique and prominent place in the folk harp world, as an award-winning performer and composer, recording artist, teacher, and author. Best known for his innovative work with the small harp, the cross-strung harp, and the Renaissance bray harp, he delights and inspires concert and festival audiences, harp players, and harp builders throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad.

Based in Seattle, Harper creates a distinctive and exceptionally expressive sound which blends traditional Nordic and Celtic music with classical, historical, and contemporary styles. He is a regular headliner at major international folk harp events, and his work has been heard and seen throughout North America and Europe on widespread radio and television broadcasts and in feature film.

Watch Harper Tasche on YouTube! International Artists has generously posted several videos of Harper Tasche performing on the small harp and cross-strung harp. These videos are excerpts from Harper's recent appearances on International Artists' weekly "Crescendo!" television program. Harper's spoken introductions, including background stories about the music, are included in each clip; simply click on the name of each piece below.
   Preludio in C, by J. S. Bach (cross-strung harp)
   Just You, by Harper Tasche (small harp)
   Greensleeves, traditional English (cross-strung harp)
   Skua, by Harper Tasche (small harp)
   El desembre congelat, traditional Catalonian (cross-strung harp)

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