"Listening to Harper is like witnessing the music of the spheres - he has hitched into the underlying music that drives the universe." - Online Harp Digest, Beth Kollé

"He paints soul-pictures with the brush of his music, images of nature and emotion that project through his warm and evocative playing of his own compositions. Several times during his performance I actually forgot [where] I was... and saw instead the stars dancing above, or the waves on the shore, and I felt actual shock when brought back to the Hall by the applause of the audience. Amazing." - Online Harp Digest, Holly Wood

Harper Tasche has earned a unique and prominent place in the folk harp world. His ground-breaking artistry with cross-strung and small harps has extended the horizons of harp players, teachers, and harp builders - as well as general audiences - throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad.

Author of the definitive tutorial for contemporary cross-strung, and creator of the world's first CD completely dedicated to the instrument, Harper Tasche is at the forefront of an astonishing North American cross-strung harp revival. His work with the small 26-string folk harp has added depth to this instrument as well, through stunning performances and beautifully complex new repertoire.

As a concert artist, Harper Tasche's work is often described in transcendent terms: words like "mystical," "superb," "marvelous" and "transported" regularly appear in reviews of his performances. He is well known as a soloist who easily moves audiences to laughter, tears, and great peace - the proof of a true master, according to ancient Celtic lore. Though primarily a concert performer, Harper Tasche is also occasionally available for corporate, religious, and other bookings including weddings, memorial services, and private parties; click here to inquire about availability.

As a composer and arranger, Harper Tasche's award-winning new music, and distinctive settings of existing material, draw from Nordic and Celtic traditions as well as classical and historical sources. Harper's ensemble works, for a variety of instruments and voices, have been commissioned and performed by numerous groups across the United States and in Canada; one of his pieces received its Russian premiere at the Rachmaninov Academy. Harper's numerous solo recordings and harp music books carry forward these accomplishments and traditions.

As an educator, Harper Tasche offers highly popular workshops, seminars, and lecture-demonstrations at large-scale folk harp festivals and conferences as well as retreats and gatherings for smaller groups. Bringing together innovative techniques, fresh repertoire, performance skills training, and a broad and articulate understanding of music theory, composition, arranging, and improvisation, Harper supports professional development for musicians at all skill levels.

As an instructor, Harper Tasche is an excellent music coach whose clients have included numerous award-winning performers and composers. Harper's knowledge, versatility, critical eye and ear, and interpersonal skill creates a learning environment which is tailored to meet the needs of each individual - whether a professional performer or composer/arranger in traditional, historical, classical or contemporary styles, an aspiring public musician, or a less advanced learner. Students with physical or mental challenges are also welcomed and assisted in achieving their musical best.

Harper Tasche is further known in folk harp circles as a persistent researcher and a valuable design consultant. His collaborations with several harp builders have produced new cross-strung harps with improved playability, ergonomics, and responsiveness well suited for a wide variety of musical styles. To learn more about the cross-strung harp, click here.

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