"Superb... [the music] danced through my body... His touch is clear, distinct, the works well arranged and will delight your ears. Highly recommended."
- Victory Review, Chris Lunn

"Harper Tasche plays... with clarity and a distinct sense of style... [he is] a musician who is able to communicate his images as clearly [with or] without words."
- Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange, Kerry Dexter

"The innate lightness and warmth of the harp rises effortlessly... magical, refreshing, and transparent... I listened to it every day for weeks."
- The Folk Harp Journal, Adam Victor Christensen


Playful, compelling, and vivid new original pieces for the 36-string harp, with nods to traditional Irish, Scottish, and Welsh music, classical styles, a touch of jazz, and a seven-movement theme and variations suite. Including musical portraits of a back-alley chase through the city, a crystal-cold night sky, a dreamlike trek through the desert, a haunted storm, and a lullaby for the dying, this music holds a wordless message for every heart.

Titles: The Dancing Tree, Nostalgia, It's Raining Harps, Phase Oasis, Neil McNeill's March, Miss Elizabeth Roberts, Changes Theme, Gilded Mirror, Run For It, Winter Stars, Someplace Warm, Voices On the Wind, Changes Reprise, A Peaceful Place.

   Wintermas Moon

Gorgeous improvisations on traditional Christmas carols and hymns in Harper's signature style, featuring the solo cross-strung harp in an evocative and peaceful recording sure to become a holiday favorite.

Titles: We Three Kings, Infant Holy Infant Lowly, While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks, Twas In the Moon of Wintertime, Sankta Lucia, The King Shall Come, Away in a Manger, Coventry Carol, Cold December Flies Away, Credo, Silent Night.


Iridescent all-original works for solo 36-string harp, in Harper's full expressive range: joyous, introspective, stately, humorous, gentle, energetic, poignant, and evocative. Includes two pieces written for a wedding; two pieces commissioned in response to beautiful paintings by Ed Edelstein; and a suite of six pieces commissioned in response to exquisite poetry by Kate Ellis (included in the 16-page CD booklet). Guest artist Jami Sieber adds her cello artistry to four tracks as well.

Titles: Forever and Always (Omnia Vincit Amor, Greater Than Two), Amble & Chat, Painted Music (Garden for Two, Best Foot Forward), Silly Bear Waltz, Sunset Habanera, TheaSophia Suite (The soft sighing sound of being, You are all there is, Featherspirit, An island apart, The space between heartbeats, Spirit will always hold us).

   The Comforting Harp

Gentle, poignant, and hopeful music especially designed for palliative care at the request of Providence Medical Center Alaska's "No One Dies Alone" program. Drawing on Harper's years of experience playing in hospitals and for meditation and bodywork, this hour-long recording includes music from seven of Harper's previous CDs. These songs were carefully chosen for their ability to create an atmosphere of gentle healing, arranged to flow beautifully and fluidly from beginning to end. "The Comforting Harp" is equally well-suited for use at the bedside and for massage or general relaxation.

NOTE: This CD is available free of charge for medical programs such as "No One Dies Alone," hospices, and other palliative care programs which use recorded music at the bedside. Click here to write for details.

Titles: Purple In My Heart, The Call, Separation of Soul and Body, Ellen Magdalena, Two Maidens, Wondrous Love, Steering Towards Polaris, Enymin's Journey, The Poet Maid, The Hills Are Bare, Solitude Day, The Surge of the Sea, Just You, Michael's Crossing, Daddy's Lullaby.

   Faire Play

Rhythmic and energizing settings of Medieval and Renaissance tunes from Italy, France, Norway, England, Germany, and Switzerland, perfectly matched with the wild and buzzy sound of the historical bray harp.

Titles: Lauda, Pavane d'Angleterre, Spagnoletta di Caroso, Vinndans i Jo'ansjaloen, Tšnze nach der Renaissance, The Queen's processional, Salterello di Galilei, Gaudete, Telemark halling, Winder wie ist, A lieta vita, Douce dame jolie, Deux rondeaux de Gascogne, Es wolle Gott, Mit Freuden zart.



Traditional tunes from the Isle of Man, Poland, Scotland, Ireland, England, Norway, Greece, Albania, and America in beautiful new arrangements for 26-string folk harp.

Titles: Arran Boat Song, Paul and His Chickens, Beach Spring, Little Red Bird, Sweet Afton, The Maid From the Mountains, John Peel, Sally Gardens, River Visua, The Willow Flute, The King of Love, Zalongo, Norwegian Lullaby, Bonnie Portmore .

   The Summoning

Distinctive new settings of Nordic and Celtic airs, laments, and dances; Baroque gems by the Bach family; and new music by Harper Tasche and Mark Geisler. Solos for 26-string folk harp and large cross-strung harp.

Titles: The Seldom Inn, Two Maidens, Solitude Day, Broken Promises, On Sunday, Trio for Gottfried, Solfeggietto, Kintail, North Calling, Dance of Time, Watching for the Dawn, Eleanor, With a Distant King, Two Norwegian Dances.

   Powers That Be

A showcase for gentle cross-strung harp, with Nordic and Celtic airs and lullabies; pieces by Franz Schubert and J. S. Bach; and new music by Harper Tasche and Bob Zawalich.

Titles: Dancing with Franz, The Surge of the Sea, Counterpoint for One, Feathers and Stones, Princess Eugenie, The Poet Maid, From A Distance, Leaves Taking, John Richardson, Your Majesty, Lady Dillon, Wondrous Love, Daddy's Lullaby.

   Depth of Field

The world's first solo cross-strung harp CD! Music by Henry Purcell, J. A. Freylinghausen, J.S. Bach, Scott Joplin, and Turlough O'Carolan; tunes from Scotland and medieval Spain; and new music by Harper Tasche and Diane Moss.

Titles: Three Henrys, Allein Gott, The Entertainer, Planxty Diane, Rosa das Rosas, Jesu, Element of Risk, Sheebeg and Sheemore, Sarsen Sunning, Separation of Soul and Body, Preludio, I Lost My Love, Steering Towards Polaris, Purple In My Heart.

   Dichotomy Cafť 

Breathtaking bowed psaltery and recorder solos with small cross-strung harp. American, British, Norwegian and Welsh tunes; one piece each by Turlough O'Carolan and Antonio Vivaldi; and new compositions by Harper Tasche.

Titles: Beach Spring, Three Norse Dances, Holy Manna, Paul's Little Birds, Circle the Garden, Arise My Soul, Lullaby and Waltz, Snowbird Solitaire, Quiet Joys of Brotherhood, Megan's Daughter, Skipping Stone, Three Hornpipes, Sabbath Song, Bridget Cruise, Amazing Grace.

   Long Night Bright Star

Gorgeous Yuletide music spanning 800 years of celebration, featuring an ensemble of wire-strung, cross-strung, and folk harps with recorders and bowed psalteries.

Titles: Fling Wide The Door, Vox Clamantis (Voice in the Wilderness), Adest Sponsus, Veni (O Come) Emmanuel, Divinum Mysterium (Of the Father's Love Begotten), NoŽl Nouvelet (Sing We Now of Christmas), Greensleeves (What Child is This), Ye Drowsy Souls, Angels We Have Heard (on High), Steeple Echoes (medley: O Little Town of Bethlehem, Lo How A Rose, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear), Josef Lieber Josef, The Hills Are Bare, Deck The Halls.

   Bringing It Home

A perfect introduction to Harper Tasche's music, including lyrical, jazzy, and contemporary pieces. Features traditional dances from Ireland and France; works by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Edvard Grieg, and Claude Bolling; and new music by Harper Tasche. Small folk harp and cross-strung harp solos with bowed psaltery and recorder descants.

Titles: Heading Home, The Call, Frieda's Waltz, Unknown Quantity, Magnus Dancing, Just You, Irlandaise, An Giolla Ruadh, Skua, Mazurka Michel, Mountain Ash, Solveig's Song, Spinning Star.

   Open to the North

The classic! Lyrical new music with an Old-World feel, featuring 17 Harper Tasche originals for small folk harp with recorder and bowed psaltery. In an ecological package.

Titles: All the Octobers, Ellen Magdalena, Forest Carol, Are's Mirror, Outgoing Message, An Indefinite road, Luther's Ghost, Michael's Crossing, Behind the Embers, Sahzhatem, The King Stag, Another Endless Minuet, Orion's Waltz, After Askadalen, Old Light, Enymin's Journey, berceuse Lunaire.